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When Grace Calls, Follow It

He doesn't care what you think you know. Somebody's bound to lead you. That man got a smile on his face.

Welcome to the third joint in the trifecta series. Smoke if you got 'em. Today, we are looking at San Francisco and how the birth flower, birthstone, and month item apply to the start and end of the puzzle. This is by far my favorite of The Secret dozen. It's a beautiful masterclass of a puzzle often confused as a rudimentary scavenger hunt. I'll kick things off with the pearl. Ever notice the gate in the painting high atop the mountain, brushing shoulders with the heavens? At stone wall's door is referencing the pearly gates which is synonymous for the gates of paradise. Exact replicas of Ghiberti's famous doors welcome you to Grace Cathedral atop Nob Hill. Such a satisfying riddle to kick the puzzle off, just steps away from Chinatown. The verse leads us down California Street till we arrive at St. Mary's Square. Then Byron lays it on extra heavy with the trifecta. Moving onto the flower, our rose. St. Mary's Square contains Bufano's reflective take on Sun Yat Sen who is perched atop a rose granite base. Sun founded and served as the first president of the Chinese Republic. Although, his tenure only lasted six weeks. A great segue to our June month item, a clock positioned at six. Any veterans or law enforcement folk reading this? I'm certain they are the familiar with phrases like, what's your twenty or I've got your six. What better way to symbolically tell us to watch our six or check behind, than with a clock at the six position? Need more? The alleyway directly behind the statue is Quincy. John Quincy Adams just happens to be the sixth US president. They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I bet Byron's mother, Pearl would have been over the moon seeing how her son created this puzzle. To recap, the pearl starts us off at Grace, we are led to a monument of Sun atop a rose granite statue, and the clock tells us to check his six and is confirmed by a street named for the sixth US president. I'm curious, for those of you resigned to thinking the trifecta is only a way to establish an immigration theme, a theme stated outright in the book, are you now curious too? Are you ready to challenge what you've been taught? I can only hope you'll take the giant leap! With respect and appreciation, thanks for this one Byron. Till next time.

And it ain't what you want it's what you need. Music - Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, David Freiberg - Sketches of China

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I love it , I like to add what I am convinced that the theme of the painting is o nod to the Leonardo Da Vinci‘s painting Virgin of the Rocks which is accepted by the majority of the hunters but i Personally believe that this was done by JJP as a hint for the City of San Francisco through the painting because of the fact that “Virgin of the Rocks “ painting was painted and was located in the church of San Francesco Maggiore in Milan. It was sold by the church though around 1781.

Another hint for The city of San Francisco through the painting is the feature that looks like a bay that is in a shap…

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