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Wegen 99 Lüftballons

If I could find a souvenir...Just to prove the casque was here...Personally, I prefer the Goldfinger version of the song but I'm just an old punk.

I've had much thought around You'll see a letter from the country Of wonderstone's hearth. Something has always seemed off about the way people interpret these lines of Verse 8. It actually caused me to look at them separately for quite some time. I attempted to stretch the definition of a written letter in a few places but let me get back to the point.. You'll see a letter from the country of amethyst's home - Germany does make a lot of sense but can we switch it up a bit?

Fair warning for Boston chain link fence lovers. You won't like this and can stop reading now. Instead of the letters in the word G-e-r-m-a-n-y let's take a look at the German alphabet. The German alphabet contains four additional letters - ä, ö, ü, and ß. Would it make more sense to look for one of these unique letters?

This may be a huge stretch but Paul Küpper's chiseled signature is at the southern paw of one of the stone lions, located on the 5th footbridge in Lake Park....or perhaps that is just a G below his name.

Until next time, be careful at the fußgängerübergänge!

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